Five Easy Ways To Use Tech In Your Classroom

Periodically, I will put together a list of useful technology tools. Here is another one of those lists. Some are repeats, others (most) are new. I hope you find these helpful! 

Grockit – Online group study sessions for students which take place on a secure & great social site

Wikispaces – Share lessons, media online with your students, or let them collaborate to build their own educational wiki on Wikispaces.

Flashcard Machine – This site allows your students to create on-screen flashcards to test vocabulary, math equations, foreign languages and more. You can’t beat Flashcard Machine’s great price of free!

Socrative – gives teachers the power to engage and assess students as they learn. Using real-time questioning, and analytics with beautiful and easy to read visuals. With the ability to gain instant insight into the different levels of  student understanding the teacher is able to create a better learning enviroment for your entire class!

Popplet – is an awesome online tool (there is also an app) for brainstorming and creating visually appealing mindmaps. Pop on over to popplet to test it out!


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