I have recently decided that I was going to run my 2008 Jeep Commander (Ya, it’s awesome) into the ground! My wife and I love this thing, and have decided that we want to keep for a long as possible.

With that in mind lets not forget I am a tech guy. Though I am not very excited for all the tech they are putting into cars. But sometimes I wish I had some fancy gadgets in my ride.

When this product releases it will be the first piece of tech added to the Commander. Introducing Pearl’s RearVision. Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 1.45.33 PM







Using a dongle that plugs into your cars on-board diagnostic port, more commonly called the OBDII port to help communicate the cars speed. Utilizing bluetooth on your smartphone the license plate frame  and the cameras use 180-degree rear-view field to scope out oncoming traffic. The cameras charge themselves using an integrated solar panel. Just one day in the sun equates to a week of use according to one of the co-founders Bryan Gardner.

That is . . .  A W E S O M E !!!

The video streams to your smartphone and displays in either portrait or landscape mode. And to help alert you of a possible collision your smartphone will emit a loud beep to tell you to stop.

This process all starts the minute the car is in reverse. Everything happens automatically, once the car is in drive and travelling faster than 10 mph, RearVision shuts off and moves into the home screen of the app. Here the driver can choose their favorite apps; Apple Music, Spotify, Apple Maps or Google Maps.

Needless to say, I really want one, and can’t wait for them to start shipping!  Pearl if you guys need someone to test this out in the real world let me know! I will happily volunteer.

Here’s a video of this awesomeness, enjoy.

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