Stretching The Truth

Fair warning, this is a rant post, read it if you want. Let me know your thoughts if you do!


I understand the point of “Freemium” apps, but there is a new kind of application lurking in Apple’s App Store. That’s right, a whole new type of devious, misleading application. One that parades around as freemium but the reality is it is a complete lie.

This new breed of deception lets you download for free but then, upon opening the app you have pay for a subscription to use it. Not to be confused with the freemium mentality which allows you to download the app for free, and then use the app but with limited capabilities. You have to buy the full
version to unlock all the option the app has to offer.

This new breed of app is different. It states that their app is free to use… sometimes it doesn’t even have the “offer in-app purchases” tagline and then as soon as you launch the application it tells you that you need to buy a paid subscription plan to use this app. Pretty scummy.

This happened to me the other day, I downloaded that application Codex which does in fact state that they do “offer in-app purchases” but what they fail to mention is that “in-app buy”
is a subscription plan that you need to use the application! Sure they offer a 30-day “free” trial, but this is wrong. Here is the screenshot from the opening page in the app.

Apple should require subscription-based apps to identify as such in the App Store. I don’t think it would be to hard to simply say “app requires subscription to use.” Pretty simple.

Okay, this concludes my little rant about subscription-based applications in Apple’s App Store.

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