Elmo MX-1 Document Camera


At my school I have a couple of teachers who have trouble writing on their whiteboards do to injury. Until now we have been accommodating them with a cheap document cam we bought off Amazon.com .

They have worked well, but they have their limitations. So I decided to splurge and purchase am Elmo MX-1 4k Document Camera.

Now, before you get all excited there is a limitation, it doesn’t work with Apple products yet, however I have spoken with the company and they promise that ability is on the way. So what does this mean? Well, the MX-1 has the capability to plug-in and be powered by USB 3.1 port directly and display full 4k resolution. But, they haven’t made the software for Mac.

DO NOT FRET, if you are reading this and you are thinking, “I need this now” Elmo has a solution.
They also make an expansion box that allows you to connect to any HDMI source, like a projector, or monitor, or TV.

That’s the box to the lower left. It is pretty straight forward. VGA out, HDMI out and power. Simply plug it in the wall plug into your MX-l and you are done.

This Elmo promises a lot and for the most part it seems to be delivering. And at its price-point you can’t beat what you get!


Bottom line, I highly recommend you purchase one of these for your class if you are in need of a document camera. I know I have said this a couple of times already but at the MX-1’s price-point you aren’t gonna find anything better!

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