The Next Big Thing…

Yesterday I made a phone call, a phone call to an old friend and mentor of mine. I needed words of wisdom, I needed someone to rattle off too, someone who would listen to me objectively and then put me in my place. I need this every once and while to give myself some perspective. I need this to keep my head on straight.

See, my problem is I am looking for the next big thing. I am looking for that “Wow,” I am looking for that thing that will elevate our classrooms, push us to want to do better, both as a teacher and student. I don’t want change for change sake. But I want to explore possibilities, I want to reach into the unknown and come back with success or failure, either of the two is perfectly acceptable! We fixate on the stigma that failure is bad. We get caught up in success rates and become too scared to try. When I was talking to my friend I used the surfer analogy;

“When you are learning to surf you fall, you fall all the time. But, that’s alright. You are determined to get up and ride that wave. And when you eventually find that balance you achieve success. When that happens you never want that wave to end, you want to stay on your board and ride it for as long as possible. But, as we all know that wave will die down and eventually you will have to wade in the water, use great patience and wait for the next big wave…”

The issue is failure. Well, the issue is being scared of failure. We need to remember the importance of failure in our society, without it we would never have discovered electricity, light bulbs, AMERICA as a whole for that matter. Moving towards the future is scary but almost always a risk worth taking.

So, where does this leave me? Well, I have looked into something that isn’t necessarily new, rather just new to me, new to my institution. I am looking for my next big wave and I am hoping that wave will be Google. Specifically Gmail and Google Classroom for education. These are both invaluable tools that are used in most schools, at least the schools that are CAISCT associated.

So, I have decided to devote the majority of my time to learning about this, and how this would benefit my school. If you have any tips for me please feel free to leave a comment. And sorry in advance, the next year will have a lot of post about Google.


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