HDCP… A Necessary Evil

If you aren’t familiar with the abbreviation HDCP or more specifically the newly evolved HDCP 2.2, it stands for “High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection.” It is a form of copyright protection that prevents your streaming video from being played on non-HDCP compliant devices.

Alright, that can be a little confusing. What exactly is  HDCP or an HDCP compliant device? Well turns out it is pretty simple. If your device is HDMI then you are in the clear, but if you are still rocking a VGA or DVI connection, that’s a different story. These devices are rapidly becoming non-compliant in the realm of HDCP.

But this also extends to different things like adapter’s you use to plug in your peripherals. Yes, that also includes docking stations. This definitely includes crappy third-party adapter you buy off the internet. I’m looking at you Amazon and all your fake Apple adapters, you to eBay.

Sorry, I digressed there for a moment, I am back now. Okay, so HDCP prevents the possibility of intercepting the digital data midstream. When you log in to Netflix on your computer and watch movies or shows, Netflix and your computer complete what we call a handshake. This handshake lets Netflix know that your computer and its screen are compliant with the built-in copyright authorization for playback

So what does this mean for you? Well, unfortunately for the next year you will be out of luck as we work to renovate Memorial. Once Memorial construction has finished the new classrooms will be completely equipped to stream!

You know where to find me if you have any questions.

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