Suffield’s First Tech All-Star

Early last month I talked about a new page on this blog dedicated to stand-out teachers that really try to go above and beyond in the realm of technology in their classrooms. This section of blog is called “Tech All-Stars”

I promised I would release the first post late in October but time slipped away from me as it often does here at Suffield, so without further ado, I introduce you to out first Tech All-Star; Amanda “Mandi”  Repoli!

     Amanda Repoli 

Mandi is one of my power users here at Suffield Academy. On a daily basis, Mandi uses her iPad Pro and Apple Pencil as well as the following apps, Notability, OneNote, Google Drive and Schoology.

Mandi grades all her papers on her iPad pro. She has her students email their essays and assignments to her which adds them to a folder in Google Drive, she then uploads the essays to Notability where she grades them. Mandi notes that using the iPad Pro paired with the Apple Pencil really makes the Job easy! At the end, she inserts a picture of a rubric which she can then mark up and add comments to and sends them back to her Drive folder and then emails them back to her students in PDF form.

With the use of Microsoft’s OneNote Mandi can seamlessly take notes and keep them organized by class and topic. She has all of her notes, and class folders available to her with one simple tap of her screen. OneNote is a versatile tool that allows her to annotate PDF’s and Word Docs and almost any other kind of media and save them directly to notebooks and easily access them.

But the thing that Mandi does that really makes her stand out is that she was one of the pioneering users of Schoology, here at Suffield Academy. Schoology is a learning management system or LMS that easily connects all people in your school and content to help make everyone’s day easier and more organized.

Mandi uses Schoology to send her homework and other class assignments to her students. It gives them one centralized location to check for assignments and resources. She also uses the calendar to show upcoming assignments and due-dates for long-term planning.

Mandi and Schoology make it so easy for her students to know what is going on in their classes without having to go to multiple locations to retrieve information.

I just want to say one last time Congratulations, to Mandi for standing out and really making a difference in your classroom!


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