New 3D Printer on Campus

With Memorial project coming to a close, we have started the search for new Toys to go inside our new Technology Lab! We couldn’t be more excited about this! The first piece of tech we bought was a new 3D printer! I spent months researching and talking to random 3D printing forums in search of the perfect printer for The Academy.

My hard work paid off (I hope), I finally landed on the the Prus i3 MK3. 

The Prusa i3 MK3 is the third generation 3D printer designed and built by Maker Josef Prusa. Founded in 2012 in Prague, Czech Republic. Josef and his company have been year after year winners and reciepents to countless awards for their outstanding product such as;  Best Open Source, Best Overall, Best value, Top Hobbyist, Best Workhouse, etc.

What they have accomplished as a company in a relatively short time period has earned the trust of many hobbyist, institutions, and professionals. I know it has certainly won me over.

I look forward to having a small fleet of these at my disposal. The neat thing about Prusa printers is you have the option to purchase as a kit that you have to assemble yourself ($749) or you can purchase fully assembled ($999). That is an outstanding value for such a sought-after product!

Please look out for my in detail review of the workhouse in the next few weeks.

All the best to you!



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