2016 MacBook Pro

  Well, a few days ago I finally received my brand new fully spec'd out MacBook Pro 15-inch Space Gray with Touch Bar after about a 2-month wait. Y I K E S ! I thought it only natural to give a fully comprehensive review. Get cozy, this is going to be a long one. … Continue reading 2016 MacBook Pro


Not good at math? Not to worry, Mathpix has you covered. Using camera on your iPhone, Mathpix detects the equation written on your paper and solves the problem instantly. Oh, for all those show-offs that like to show their work, don't worry it does that too! Get the app for iOS now, an Android version… Continue reading Mathpix

Quick Update

Okay I have been playing with the Apple Pencil for few hours. I am a huge fan, I mean huge! This thing is fantastic, incredibly responsive and accurate. I have really liked all the Adobe apps. Adobe Sketch in particular, if you haven't tried download and do so now. It's FREE. Here are some quick… Continue reading Quick Update

It’s Here, It’s Here!!!

So today marks a glorious day! The day I have been waiting for since September 9th when Apple announced it's new product line. Today my iPad Pro arrived, and it is stunning! As I opened the simple packaging Apple so kindly prepared for me, with Beethoven's "Ode To Joy" being blasted in the background (compliments of… Continue reading It’s Here, It’s Here!!!

Golden, Wooden, Apple?

Swedish designer & craftsman Love Hultén fuses modern technology with objects of the past! Hultén's work makes you think about world's throwaway excess and economic efficiencies gone terribly wrong. This is his latest creation, hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.  

iTunes Terms & Conditions

Illustrator Robert Sikoryak has taken it upon himself to illustrate the very long and daunting iTunes Terms & Conditions.  Each page is drawn in a different influential comic illustrator's specific style, from Charles Schulz to Allie Brosh! I have to say this is amazing, if you want to take a better peek, click Robert's name above.

Bastron Sleek Glass Smart Keyboard

  Are you thinking about replacing your keyboard, then why not try Bastron's Glass Smart Keyboard you can find for less over at TechnaBob's shop. On sale right now for $139.99

Mr. Graham’s Technology Page

Hello!  Welcome to my WordPress.  My page is focused on sharing exciting new technology that I stumble upon throughout my days. I hope you enjoy what I find.