Prusa Update

Alright folks, well here is the rub. I've had this printer now since January and I have successfully made two objects...Then it clogged...after a day of success with calibration of the printer and finally adjusting my Z axis I left the printer overnight with a job well underway only to arrive the following morning to… Continue reading Prusa Update

New 3D Printer on Campus

With Memorial project coming to a close, we have started the search for new Toys to go inside our new Technology Lab! We couldn't be more excited about this! The first piece of tech we bought was a new 3D printer! I spent months researching and talking to random 3D printing forums in search of… Continue reading New 3D Printer on Campus

Project Glass

A few months back (over a year ago) a student and I decided we were going to make a "magic mirror". They have been all the rage lately on Reddit, GitHub, and a few other techie websites. I digress, what I am trying to tell you is we started and stopped more time than I… Continue reading Project Glass

And We’re Back!

So here we are, another year is finally upon us, and I am already behind the ball on posting! Where did the time GO? How is it already October? Nevertheless, it isn't too late to show you what I have been working on throughout the summer, so here we go! Auto-Garden (Open for suggestions on the… Continue reading And We’re Back!

Graphite … Oh, how I love it.

Hey guys, just wanted to check in and say hello! And let you know I am still here! Summer time around these parts is for R&D and other projects, so sometimes I run out of time to make a post. I was recently watching one of my most favorite channels on YouTube ElectroBoom! And stumbled on… Continue reading Graphite … Oh, how I love it.

Take Control, Join the Maker Movement, and Eat Healthy

In addition to geeking out over just about anything tech related, I also geek out over delicious food, especially locally grown organic food! I wouldn't go as far to say that  I am a foodie. In fact I am far from it. But I do (with the help from my wife) try to eat as… Continue reading Take Control, Join the Maker Movement, and Eat Healthy

Build Your Sound

If you are anything like me then you love music, you love sound. Doesn't matter where that sound originates, if it speaks to the soul then it's for me! I feel the same way about tinkering.  In walks Bose, well more specifically BOSEbuild and their Speaker Cube. Now you, with no electrical engineering background necessary, can build you… Continue reading Build Your Sound

5 things I did wrong with my DaVinci Pro 1.0 (first print)

A while back I mentioned that in March I purchased a DaVinci 1.0 Pro by XYZprinting. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a 3D printer. After reading the manual and setting everything up, I thought I was ready to begin. Well, I couldn't have been more wrong .... Get comfy… Continue reading 5 things I did wrong with my DaVinci Pro 1.0 (first print)

Ev3 Has Gone Hipster . . .

Well, it was only a matter of time before LEGO became the next thing devoured by the Hipster culture. But I did not expect it to be the forever amazing LEGO Mindstorms EV3. FastyTheFastCat is who you can blame for this. He programmed his EV3 to play a mean cover of Little Talks by Of Monsters… Continue reading Ev3 Has Gone Hipster . . .


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