XYZ DaVinci Pro 1.0

Two days ago I bit the bullet, I finally bought a 3D printer for my school! This is a pilot printer, a stepping stone in the right direction and it will arrive today!  I am hoping that this will spark interest amongst the community and open conversations about creating a Makerspace. What makes this printer… Continue reading XYZ DaVinci Pro 1.0


Brought to us by Evil Mad Scientist and Lindsay Wilson, the AxiDraw can practically write on any flat surface using essentially any type of pen or marker! This thing is amazing and makes any homemade project into a piece of art! Check it out for yourselves.

Clone Wars … It Begins

A lot of us love the Mac Pro redesign that came out a few years back... You know the one, the "Trash Can".  Yup, that's the one. The problem with this little powerhouse is that it is WAY too expensive. The base model starts at $2999... OUCH, that's little steep for some of us. Fortunately,… Continue reading Clone Wars … It Begins

Think Boards

By now most of us have heard of the company IdeaPaint. They are relatively new, but sling an old product. Or at least the idea of the an old product. They market White Boards, not just any white boards, but the kind you can paint on an entire wall! They are very cool, and very,… Continue reading Think Boards

DIY Death Star Laser

So with Star Wars getting closer, I know a lot of you are getting excited, I know I am. I figured I would kick the last week before the release of Episode VII with some Start Ware related posts. Laser Guru Patrick Priebe has put together a stunning miniature version of the Death Star's Laser… Continue reading DIY Death Star Laser