New 3D Printer on Campus

With Memorial project coming to a close, we have started the search for new Toys to go inside our new Technology Lab! We couldn't be more excited about this! The first piece of tech we bought was a new 3D printer! I spent months researching and talking to random 3D printing forums in search of… Continue reading New 3D Printer on Campus

New Kid on Campus

Back in September, something arrived on this campus that I hope will change the way we view the classroom. More specifically, change the way we teach in the classroom. Located (temporarily) in Brodie Hall is where you can find the first of its kind on Suffield's campus, Introducing Newline-Interactive's, Interactive whiteboard. This thing is awesome, it boasts… Continue reading New Kid on Campus

Suffield’s First Tech All-Star

Early last month I talked about a new page on this blog dedicated to stand-out teachers that really try to go above and beyond in the realm of technology in their classrooms. This section of blog is called "Tech All-Stars" I promised I would release the first post late in October but time slipped away from me… Continue reading Suffield’s First Tech All-Star

A Call for Proposals…(shhh, this one is cool)

Hello followers! Just kidding, don't be quiet, shout this from mountain tops! CAIS, (Connecticut Association of Independent Schools) is hosting at Greens Farms Academy: The Innovation and Design Fair centered around the magic world of Harry Potter. This event is for teachers of all divisions and disciplines. We are currently accepting proposals for presentations and… Continue reading A Call for Proposals…(shhh, this one is cool)

The future of web browsing is coming, and its NEON!

Opera released a beta version of their newest browser for Mac called, Neon. This browser is the manifestation of what future web-browsing could look like. It is a quick, responsive, minimally sleek browser. Neon takes a snapshot of your desktop's wallpaper and uses it in the background of the browsers, giving the feeling of a transparency.… Continue reading The future of web browsing is coming, and its NEON!

Project Glass

A few months back (over a year ago) a student and I decided we were going to make a "magic mirror". They have been all the rage lately on Reddit, GitHub, and a few other techie websites. I digress, what I am trying to tell you is we started and stopped more time than I… Continue reading Project Glass

Collaborize Classroom

Hey everyone just wanted to let you know about a great website I just came across... Collaborize classroom is an awesome website for every kind of teacher, from English and Math, to Philosophy and Religion. This free resource allows you to create, share, and download inquiry-based discussions on literally any topic! Each lesson you create… Continue reading Collaborize Classroom

LEGO Technic Kinetic Sculptures.

I was over one of my favorite sites, The Awesomer and I stumbled on this awesome video about Lego Technic kinetic sculptures. Master brick builder Alexander Holroyd shows off his beautiful kinetic sculptures. YouTube's very own Beyond the Brick got a chance to catch up with Alexander and learn a little bit about his amazing creations. If you want… Continue reading LEGO Technic Kinetic Sculptures.

And We’re Back!

So here we are, another year is finally upon us, and I am already behind the ball on posting! Where did the time GO? How is it already October? Nevertheless, it isn't too late to show you what I have been working on throughout the summer, so here we go! Auto-Garden (Open for suggestions on the… Continue reading And We’re Back!

Graphite … Oh, how I love it.

Hey guys, just wanted to check in and say hello! And let you know I am still here! Summer time around these parts is for R&D and other projects, so sometimes I run out of time to make a post. I was recently watching one of my most favorite channels on YouTube ElectroBoom! And stumbled on… Continue reading Graphite … Oh, how I love it.