iTunes Terms & Conditions

Illustrator Robert Sikoryak has taken it upon himself to illustrate the very long and daunting iTunes Terms & Conditions.  Each page is drawn in a different influential comic illustrator's specific style, from Charles Schulz to Allie Brosh! I have to say this is amazing, if you want to take a better peek, click Robert's name above.

You get a poll, you get a poll, EVERYONE GETS A POLL!!!!

Want to know if you students are really understanding what you are teaching? I mean do you really want to make sure they are truly picking up what you are putting down? I say, put it to a poll...Or is it vote, I can never remember. Anyways, here are some live action, real-time polling Apps… Continue reading You get a poll, you get a poll, EVERYONE GETS A POLL!!!!

We’re doing it LIVE!

Want a better understanding of how your students are grasping your materials? Try Socrative, it is a completely free live polling site that works on ANY OS, mobile or computer. Want more specifics come see me in my office!

Equil SmartMarker If you would like to try this product let me know. I have one that you can try out!

Bastron Sleek Glass Smart Keyboard

  Are you thinking about replacing your keyboard, then why not try Bastron's Glass Smart Keyboard you can find for less over at TechnaBob's shop. On sale right now for $139.99

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