Prusa Update

Alright folks, well here is the rub. I've had this printer now since January and I have successfully made two objects...Then it clogged...after a day of success with calibration of the printer and finally adjusting my Z axis I left the printer overnight with a job well underway only to arrive the following morning to… Continue reading Prusa Update

HDCP… A Necessary Evil

If you aren't familiar with the abbreviation HDCP or more specifically the newly evolved HDCP 2.2, it stands for "High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection." It is a form of copyright protection that prevents your streaming video from being played on non-HDCP compliant devices. Alright, that can be a little confusing. What exactly is  HDCP or an HDCP compliant device?… Continue reading HDCP… A Necessary Evil

Add At Least One C …

I was up early this morning with my toddler, again. And I got to thinking about work. Why was I thinking about work at 4 am?I don't know weird things happen at that time. Anyways, I was looking for something rather someone to inspire me and I stumbled upon one of my favorite websites. Naturally, I… Continue reading Add At Least One C …

New and Exciting

Good morning followers! Exciting NEWS, I am happy to announce that later this month I will be rolling out a new page on my blog called "Tech All-Stars." This page will feature one all-star teacher either monthly or bi-monthly (haven't made up my mind yet) that uses technology in their classroom in a positive light. I… Continue reading New and Exciting

Seize The Tech?

Technology within the classroom is vital. There, I've said it. I think at this point we have all noticed that technology, whether it be laptops, projectors, tablets, etc. aren't going anywhere. In fact, they're here to stay. So why is it then people are hesitant to change? Is it fear, is it stubbornness? Let's take… Continue reading Seize The Tech?

The Next Big Thing…

Yesterday I made a phone call, a phone call to an old friend and mentor of mine. I needed words of wisdom, I needed someone to rattle off too, someone who would listen to me objectively and then put me in my place. I need this every once and while to give myself some perspective.… Continue reading The Next Big Thing…


It's time yet again for the pencils to hit the paper, the fingers to strike the keys. That's right, it's the start of school. We have been underway here at Suffield Academy for about three weeks, and Fall exams are rapidly approaching. The winds have changed, finally, crisp air replaces humid. We have warm days… Continue reading Change

Stretching The Truth

Fair warning, this is a rant post, read it if you want. Let me know your thoughts if you do!   I understand the point of "Freemium" apps, but there is a new kind of application lurking in Apple's App Store. That's right, a whole new type of devious, misleading application. One that parades around as… Continue reading Stretching The Truth

The future of web browsing is coming, and its NEON!

Opera released a beta version of their newest browser for Mac called, Neon. This browser is the manifestation of what future web-browsing could look like. It is a quick, responsive, minimally sleek browser. Neon takes a snapshot of your desktop's wallpaper and uses it in the background of the browsers, giving the feeling of a transparency.… Continue reading The future of web browsing is coming, and its NEON!

2016 MacBook Pro

  Well, a few days ago I finally received my brand new fully spec'd out MacBook Pro 15-inch Space Gray with Touch Bar after about a 2-month wait. Y I K E S ! I thought it only natural to give a fully comprehensive review. Get cozy, this is going to be a long one. … Continue reading 2016 MacBook Pro