The Next Big Thing…

Yesterday I made a phone call, a phone call to an old friend and mentor of mine. I needed words of wisdom, I needed someone to rattle off too, someone who would listen to me objectively and then put me in my place. I need this every once and while to give myself some perspective.… Continue reading The Next Big Thing…

And, Break!

Well, this happened quickly how is it that holiday break is already upon us? I don't know where the time went, but it is gone. I'm sorry that I haven't posted in awhile but we have been crazy these past few months in the old Tech Department. It has been a busy year so far,… Continue reading And, Break!

Apple Pencil

It has been several weeks since my iPad Pro arrived. I tried my very best to use it everyday... I failed, and I failed epically. But it wasn't my fault, honestly it wasn't. It was Apple's fault. They shipped me a partial device. Lets be honest here, everyone bought the iPad pro because of it's… Continue reading Apple Pencil

Equil SmartMarker If you would like to try this product let me know. I have one that you can try out!

Mr. Graham’s Technology Page

Hello!  Welcome to my WordPress.  My page is focused on sharing exciting new technology that I stumble upon throughout my days. I hope you enjoy what I find.