A Call for Proposals…(shhh, this one is cool)

Hello followers! Just kidding, don't be quiet, shout this from mountain tops! CAIS, (Connecticut Association of Independent Schools) is hosting at Greens Farms Academy: The Innovation and Design Fair centered around the magic world of Harry Potter. This event is for teachers of all divisions and disciplines. We are currently accepting proposals for presentations and… Continue reading A Call for Proposals…(shhh, this one is cool)

Add At Least One C …

I was up early this morning with my toddler, again. And I got to thinking about work. Why was I thinking about work at 4 am?I don't know weird things happen at that time. Anyways, I was looking for something rather someone to inspire me and I stumbled upon one of my favorite¬†websites. Naturally, I… Continue reading Add At Least One C …

New and Exciting

Good morning followers! Exciting NEWS,¬†I am happy to announce that later this month I will be rolling out a new page on my blog called "Tech All-Stars." This page will feature one all-star teacher either monthly or bi-monthly (haven't made up my mind yet) that uses technology in their classroom in a positive light. I… Continue reading New and Exciting

Seize The Tech?

Technology within the classroom is vital. There, I've said it. I think at this point we have all noticed that technology, whether it be laptops, projectors, tablets, etc. aren't going anywhere. In fact, they're here to stay. So why is it then people are hesitant to change? Is it fear, is it stubbornness? Let's take… Continue reading Seize The Tech?