Seize The Tech?

Technology within the classroom is vital. There, I've said it. I think at this point we have all noticed that technology, whether it be laptops, projectors, tablets, etc. aren't going anywhere. In fact, they're here to stay. So why is it then people are hesitant to change? Is it fear, is it stubbornness? Let's take… Continue reading Seize The Tech?

The Next Big Thing…

Yesterday I made a phone call, a phone call to an old friend and mentor of mine. I needed words of wisdom, I needed someone to rattle off too, someone who would listen to me objectively and then put me in my place. I need this every once and while to give myself some perspective.… Continue reading The Next Big Thing…


It's time yet again for the pencils to hit the paper, the fingers to strike the keys. That's right, it's the start of school. We have been underway here at Suffield Academy for about three weeks, and Fall exams are rapidly approaching. The winds have changed, finally, crisp air replaces humid. We have warm days… Continue reading Change

Elmo MX-1 Document Camera

  At my school I have a couple of teachers who have trouble writing on their whiteboards do to injury. Until now we have been accommodating them with a cheap document cam we bought off . They have worked well, but they have their limitations. So I decided to splurge and purchase am Elmo MX-1 4k… Continue reading Elmo MX-1 Document Camera