Project Glass

A few months back (over a year ago) a student and I decided we were going to make a "magic mirror". They have been all the rage lately on Reddit, GitHub, and a few other techie websites. I digress, what I am trying to tell you is we started and stopped more time than I… Continue reading Project Glass


Not good at math? Not to worry, Mathpix has you covered. Using camera on your iPhone, Mathpix detects the equation written on your paper and solves the problem instantly. Oh, for all those show-offs that like to show their work, don't worry it does that too! Get the app for iOS now, an Android version… Continue reading Mathpix

Five Easy Ways To Use Tech In Your Classroom

Periodically, I will put together a list of useful technology tools. Here is another one of those lists. Some are repeats, others (most) are new. I hope you find these helpful!  Grockit - Online group study sessions for students which take place on a secure & great social site Wikispaces - Share lessons, media online with your… Continue reading Five Easy Ways To Use Tech In Your Classroom


Brought to us by Evil Mad Scientist and Lindsay Wilson, the AxiDraw can practically write on any flat surface using essentially any type of pen or marker! This thing is amazing and makes any homemade project into a piece of art! Check it out for yourselves.